Monday, September 12, 2011


Emmanuel's story is deeply moving and, of course, it produces many reactions. Here's mine:

Incredibly moving (despite the tear-jerking media production)!

It is amazing how the terror and wonder of life can be so close and even (perhaps, especially) embodied in a horribly maimed individual. The mother obviously carries and gave an enormous love and her garden blooms now with incredible light.

What a mistake it is to think that peacefulness or bodily and material security alone might produce this. Indeed, even very peaceful societies (for example, Norway) can sometimes grow screams, suicides and hateful maniacs.

Love is no more the absence of hate than peace is the absence of war. The energies must be actively cultivated day-by-day. Thank God for all the people who cared for this young man and his brother.

As Emmanuel Kelly shares his gift and light, the ones who nurtured him show us a work that we can all do. Imagine what might come of it.

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