Monday, May 18, 2009


Obama getting real

As they say, governing is a lot different than campaigning. After the initial honeymoon infatuations, it is now apparent that promises are yielding to pragmatics and compromises almost across-the-board.

Here are two assessments that seem worthy of serious consideration: Paul Krugman on climate change legislation and Andrew Sullivan on the wars. What strikes me most is how easy it was to take a clear and righteous stand against the absurdities of the Bush-Cheney years and how difficult the choices appear as Obama gets real.

[UPDATES -- 22 may 2009: The first US Climate legislation cleared one of committees of the House last night. Grist has a review of the reactions to this historic legislation. There's also an excellent outline of the various positions of agreement and disagreement being staked out among US environmentalists. And, while still hoping for the improvement, treehugger notes that US Political Will and Scientific Recommendations Rapidly Drifting Apart.

Sullivan's blog The Daily Dish is all over the torture-Gitmo-security-vs-liberty debate. Here's a summary of reactions to yesterday's dueling Obama and Cheney speeches.]

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