Sunday, May 03, 2009


In the Santo Daime tradition, each spiritual ritual or ceremony is called a "work" (trabalho in Portuguese). But, often, I think that the notion of a "work party" might fit even better because the intention is to create a joy more than a labor and often the "church" is an open "salon" in the forest.

Here are a few videos of spiritual works in the forest at Vila Fortaleza. The first two are at the Salão da Copaíba and are from the hinario of Edson Alexandre...

The hymn Nova Era (New Age) of Padrinho Alfredo advises that celebrating in the forest is part of the "work":

Eu convido os meus irmãos
Se alegrar na nossa festa
Esquecer a ilusão
E se firmar bem na floresta

I urge my brothers and sisters
Rejoice in our celebration
Forget the illusion
And be well anchored in the forest

Here it is being sung in the inauguration of the Salão do Apuí which has been dedicated especially for the singing of the Nova Era hymnal of Padrinho Alfredo.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lou! What Hymn is being pushed in "Making works in the forest"!?