Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Scientists are looking into initial indications that link Swine Flu and factory pig farms that are dirty, dangerous, and inhumane. To do something about it, follow this link to an online petition asking that the World Health Organization investigate and regulate factory farming of animals. It's very easy to do this simple thing right from your computer... now.

And if you have any doubt that the MEATRIX is telling the truth just look at the picture below and read how A U.S. Hog Giant Transforms Eastern Europe which appears in today's NY Times.

Factory Farming Pigs
Photo: Wojciech Grzedzinski for The International Herald Tribune

UPDATE: The Center for Disease Control Confirms Ties to Virus First Discovered in U.S. Pig Factories. Now, even Oprah is getting pulled into the controversy over Factory Farming. The point of the article "isn't that Oprah screwed up--it's that we should all be more aware of the practices that lead to the food on our table (or in the takeout window). Even though the swine flu turned out to be relatively mild and is now winding down, we should recognize the possibility that another pandemic could occur down the line if we don't note the causes--and work towards supporting a more sustainable, more humane manner of food production."

And, as a late post addition, this is not the solution -- Afghanistan's Only Pig Quarantined In Flu Fear

Bottom line? Please don't forget the online petition. It really will help to bring greater awareness to a truly serious problem.

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