Friday, April 23, 2010


Surfing the Internet yesterday in search of an Earth Day message, I kept returning to the news of the oil rig burning off the Louisiana coast. The visuals are stunning and poignant -- a tragedy for nature and for the injured and lost workers. Now comes damage control to contain the spill of pollution and then to contain the spill of politics. Probably there will be a search for who to blame and then the lawsuits. But our never-ending quest for energy forms that are expensive only to nature and the vulnerable to fuel unending material development truly implicates everyone. The message, beyond the blame, is, I believe, that we've got to ask "how much is enough?" and find better routes toward good and fulfilling lives.

Here is this morning's update from CNN and speculations as to what might come next (a major spill?) from the NY Times. Mega-energy systems seem generally to contain embedded disasters, accidents waiting to happen. For the good of all, let's hope that this one can be contained.

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