Tuesday, April 20, 2010


[AND OFF AGAIN UPDATE: Brasilia, April, 20 - AP - The bidding had been suspended for a second time late Monday, but the Brazilian government appealed and the auction started as planned. A winner was selected, but the result was not announced because of the new court ruling in favor of the Amigos da Terra environmental organization.

Opponents organized protests across Brazil on Tuesday to condemn the project. Amazon Watch, a San Francisco-based group that works to protect the rain forest and the indigenous people living there, said thousands of people are engaging in coordinated protests in nine cities, including in Altamira, which would be partially flooded by the Belo Monte reservoir.

The group said boats full of indigenous people began arriving to establish a permanent village to block the dam's construction.]

SAO PAULO, April 19 (Reuters) - "Brazil's electric energy agency Aneel said late on Monday it had suspended the auction of the 11,000 megawatt Belo Monte hydroelectric dam that was scheduled for midday (1500 GMT) on Tuesday."


"Brazil's attorney general is appealing the injunction. In the past, it has been common for the government to overturn injunctions just minutes before large, politically sensitive tenders or privatizations of state assets."

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