Thursday, April 08, 2010


In what appears to be an exclusive (yet to appear in the MSM) NatureSong reports The Strike in Puerto Maldonado is over!

Policemen are dancing together with miners in the main square of Puerto Maldonado.

"Viva the national Peruvian police!" the man with the mike shouts and the crowd answers.

Both sides have reached an agreement, in Lima, according to which the Decree would be put on hold for 6 month.

In this time the two sides would sit together and work together on the content of the decree.

Puerto Maldonado is celebrating to the music of the police orchestra.

It's good that violent confrontation has yielded to peaceful dialogue. Now, let's hope that voiceless nature (the rivers don't demonstrate and the forest doesn't vote) will also find its rightful and righteous representation.

[UPDATE: More news here]

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