Monday, April 26, 2010

BEAMING THE MESSAGE OF THE FOREST: A Dialogue Between Marina Silva and James Cameron

In a São Paulo hotel room far from nature's realities, two leading lights of the forest, Marina Silva and James Cameron, continue a process of beaming the message to the world. They share their understandings and love for the forest and in the process give voice and meaning to the many who call the forest their home.

One of the central themes of the Marina Silva campaign for President of Brazil is that policy discussions need to be based on an open, transparent and participatory process. What follows is a living example, full of the chaos of clicking cameras, no teleprompter, not managed and scripted as a polished and set product. It's very unique to see what is usually a very private conversation presented as an open dialogue.

The discussion about forest policy is to the point and essential but it was the exchange about the challenge of giving expression to the beauty and depth of the forest experience that touched my heart. I hope that you can take the time to watch it all unfold -- step-by-step moving from a mental analysis to heartfelt expression.

Tolstoy said famously, "If you want to be universal, sing the song of your village." Marina Silva and James Cameron, each in their specially refined and unique roles, are singing the song of their childhood homes and bringing its vision to our "grown-up reality." From the depths of the shady and hidden places in the forest a light is coming to the world.

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