Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tonight, there's a full moon circle in Takilma, Oregon for our dear friend Linda. Everyone is bringing a bead for her but that's a bit hard for me far away in this virtual realm. So I'm sending some joyous full moon Santo Daime music from Brazil along with a big bundle of hugs and blessings for her.

Here's a pic of our sweetheart...


Here's a rough translation of the hymn.


My Mother who art Queen
Silvery tonight
Send us your messages
Enlighten our road

Continuing at Your side
It is a less hard journey
My Mother I salute you
I greet you beloved Mother
My mother is telling me
That life is like that

I'll be looking for perfect
Can not go haphazardly
But if I trip today
And do not reach the perfection

I have a fresh start
And this mission will follow
The moon casts on the earth
Her grace and patience

The Moon will be exhaling
For us the essence
I'll drink from this source
This nourishing supper is for me
Tonight is a celebration
With the Queen of the Full Moon

Sung during the 2009 birthday party at Reino do Sol in São Paulo, Brazil

[Note: I changed the youtube video from an earlier pop/funky concert tune because this one fit so much better.]

1 comment:

linda said...

Lou, my love.
Thank you for your bead. I am holding it close to me and calling it up in times of need. We will keep you posted on my health in the next week. I love and miss you.