Saturday, May 22, 2010


John Rudolf reports,

"This video, released in 1991 and financed by the Western Fuels Association, a coal supplier, insisted that the unrestrained burning of fossil fuels would be a great thing, ushering in an epoch of bountiful plant growth and soaring grain yields."

The Bullshit video series continues here for the 2nd part and here for the final. The assertion is that laboratory studies are suggesting that CO2 is nothing less than the panacea that the world has been waiting for to grow more food and more forests and incidentally remove any possible excess of this central greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. These videos are amazing, actually promising that increasing CO2 levels may increase forest growth as much as six-fold.

However, the gathering research is revealing a massive world-wide forest die-off and the record-breaking 2005 Amazon killing drought, which if reoccurring in greater frequency may result in the loss of 50% of the greatest forest on earth, has been shown to have been driven by the warming of ocean waters in the tropical North Atlantic.

Of course, one can continue to counter denialist crap science forever but the industry folks really have the budgets for creating and spreading their tall tales. To see it in action just watch the videos linked above. From the propaganda point-of-view the content is amazingly effective, well worth watching in order to understand what kind of communication power can be arrayed against the earth.

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