Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sir Ken Robinson's humorous presentation at TED seems as a marvelously lighthearted follow-up to the serious challenges of the themes that have been presented here by Wendell Berry, Michael Pollan, Oren Lyons and Severn Suzuki.

No, it is no longer about reforms aimed at making things incrementally better. Yes, it really is about the dreams of children and, therefore, the future of all of us. And this requires a revolutionary break from the developmental themes of the past -- the ones that most of our politicians still take for granted. A better life is NOT an improved version of the old ways.

[UPDATE: For an example of how difficult it is to break free of conventional ways of thinking about problems that demand a revolutionary new approach check out Senator Kerry describing why off-shore oil drilling is not going to halt. The pollution is not only in the Gulf of Mexico. It is in the mindset that expects a continuation of the Industrial Age that we have taken for granted. It will continue, of course, but only within a much larger revolutionary transformation which commands that it play a much less dominant and dominating role.]

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